“Pathways to Zero Carbon Edinburgh” is the start for wider projects/ activities in collaboration with different local organisations.

Our Collaborators/ supporters.

Centre for Alternative Technology.CAT CAT is our prime supporter and inspiration. We use their Zero Carbon Britain data to show the contribution that each technology or action could make over the whole of the UK. CAT has been developing the ZCB project over the last 10 years. They have books and tools on the website, including Making it Happen. http://www.cat.org.uk, http://zerocarbonbritain.com/en/ and http://zerocarbonbritain.com/images/pdfs/ZeroCarbonBritain-MakingItHappen.pdf
The ZCB notes on each technology are taken from the display boards on the ZCB trail at CAT.

esdpEdinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership. http://www.sustainableedinburgh.org
“The Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership welcomes the work of Transition Edinburgh and its contribution to a more sustainable city through the zero carbon Edinburgh project”.

foeFriends of the Earth Edinburgh http://www.foe-edinburgh.org.uk Friends of the Earth Edinburgh fully support a pathway to carbon zero. We have engaged the council in regards to cleaner buses and a low emission zone to improve the air quality. A cleaner city means stopping its carbon use. We have engaged community food projects who are transforming communities in more sustainable ways of consuming and transporting food. Lastly a transition to green industry is what the city and its residents need.

solar coopEdinburgh Community Solar Cooperative. http://www.edinburghsolar.coop
” The Solar Coop promotes renewable energy and reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels. It supports the Zero Carbon Edinburgh initiative.”