Clean Transport

Electric Vehicles

Contribution to ZCE Target            10%

electric vehiclesWhat is working well in Edinburgh already.
Examples already working well in and around Edinburgh include:
Edinburgh Transport is buying 6 all electric new buses and is already operating 85 diesel-electric hybrid buses. The Edinburgh Tram runs fully on electricity and it connects the Airport to the city centre, soon to be expanded to Leith.
Edinburgh’s car sharing club, Enterprise Car club, also has 12 electric vehicles (EVs) in its portfolio which you can rent. And so that you don’t strand on the road, you can find your nearest Edinburgh electric vehicle (EV) charging points on a map on the Zapmap app.
Fife Council has two hydrogen powered refuse truck. The hydrogen is produced using electricity generated by PV


What you can do
– Download and use the Zapmap or similar apps to your smart phone to locate EV charging stations.
– Test drive and buy an electric car, or lease it to save maintenance costs, e.g. from
– Commute by public transport, keep your car for leisure.
Community: Join the Edinburgh car sharing club community at Enterprise Car club:
Business At work, go for teleconferencing rather than actual meetings

Zero Carbon Britain Contribution to ZCB Target of 650 MT CO2e 60 MT
Switching to electric vehicles can save lots of energy – electric cars could be up to 5 times as efficient as the average car to-day. They emit no exhaust pollution, meaning healthier air in cities. Crucially for Zero Carbon Britain, they can be powered by electricity from renewable sources. Source:

Places to visit: Tram, Radisson hotel Royal Mile (car park has 10 charging points),
Levenmouth Community Energy project Fife

Sustainable Local Travel

Contribution to ZCE Target                        5%

active travelWhat is working well in Edinburgh already.
Examples already working well in and around Edinburgh include:
Local bikes, cargo bicycles and vans offer the fastest and most Eco-friendly methods to fulfil deliveries throughout Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond. Web:

In the absence of an official Edinburgh bike sharing scheme, the community has got together to share bikes in this brilliant new informal bike sharing network called Cycle Land:

What you can do
– Look at and cycle for shorter distances instead of taking the car or bus.
– If you don’t have a bike yet, you can buy good quality second-hand bikes for your daily commutes at the Bike Station. By refurbishing used bikes the Bike Station helps keep old bikes off the tip and our carbon emissions down! You can also bring your own bike in for a repair:
– Use Deliveroo for your takeaways. All their deliveries are done by keen cyclists:
– Cut your transport costs and emissions and meet nice people by carpooling on Liftshare:
– If you work for RBS, you’re one of the lucky few who can try out Edinburgh’s first bike sharing scheme:
– Introduce a workplace parking levy to help fund a shared work bus pickup service.
– Install incentives like showers and lockers for staff use – this will be a welcome addition to your workplace facilities and be especially appreciated by those coming to work by bike.

Zero Carbon Britain Contribution to ZCB Target of 650 MT CO2e 30 MT
On average people in Britain travel most by car, less by public transport, and very little by foot or bicycle. It could be different!
Better public transport, with joined-up bus, coach and rail services, could further reduce dependence on cars. This would save energy and carbon emissions. It would also reduce road congestion, air pollution, noise and stress.
Other countries have shown that pedestrian areas and cycle lanes can encourage more people to walk and cycle for shorter journeys. This not only saves energy and carbon emissions, it improves our health too. Source:

Places to visit: Bike hire at Haymarket station, Water of Leith walkway

Flying less

Contribution to ZCE Target                  5%

less flyingWhat is working well in Edinburgh already.
Examples already working well in and around Edinburgh include:
There are good and frequent train connections from the Scottish capital all across the UK. And if you book ahead on the you are sure to get a good deal too.

ad for train trip Glasgow-London, © Virgin trains

What you can do.
Individual: Use the train for short to medium distance travel instead of the plane: Take the train to London and other places in the UK. It’s healthier, more social and just as quick as the plane!
Community: Use carbon offsetting to support a community project. Carbon offsetting compensates for your flight emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere:
Business: Hold business meetings online instead of face-to-face.

Zero Carbon Britain Contribution to ZCB Target of 650 MT CO2e 30 MT
By reducing flying by about two thirds (replacing some shorter flights with high-speed rail) we could make enough carbon neutral fuel for the remaining flights. Unfortunately, no serious alternative to liquid fuel currently exists for planes. Even then, other climate -change impacts of flying would remain. Source: